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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Missing Persons - Rhyme & Reason 1984

More musical time travel back to the 80's!

Missing Persons - Rhyme and Reason. Their second full length and a major change in sound most notably the drums. Terry got into electronic drums in a big way and had a set custom made just for him. He played them on this record and on the tour. I think he got burned out on them because I've never even heard of him playing them in any way since. They are probably sitting in the back of his drum storage space gathering dust over the last 25 years!! The record didn't do as well as Spring Session M which was a disappointment for the band. That being said, the material was not as good as SSM and there is some obvious filler. Give and Right Now were strong singles (and videos) and should have done better. Chuck Wild (keyboards) left permanently after the completion of the tour.

1. the closer that you get
2. give
3. now is the time
4. surrender your heart
5. clandestine people
6. right now
7. all fall down
8. racing against time
9. waiting for a million years
10. if only for the moment

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