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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Another SXE blast from the past.....1997 to be exact. One of my favorite straight edge bands...ENVY...from Buffalo, NY. This is a great show from Erie, Pa. February 1997. There's 4 parts so be sure to watch them all and leave a comment!

Monday, April 26, 2010

IN MY EYES live video 8/24/1997 Bombshelter Oakland, CA

This is a very rare show that I shot in the summer of 1997. IN MY EYES were on their first "demo" tour on the West Coast and got booked to play a show with my band DOWNSHIFT along with a few others at the Bombshelter club in Oakland near the Coliseum. There had been some kind of an accident and their bassist had to go to the hospital to get his arm taken care of. You can see it bandaged up in the video. They ended up playing at like 12:30am after all the other bands. It's been 13 years and nobody has seen this footage. I don't remember ever making any copies of it. I was the only one shooting and if you weren't there, you didn't see it. The microphone cuts out in various places and the last song in Part 3 is cut by a few seconds. it's an old tape obviously. Pete and the guys were extra cool and gave their all.

This is part one. Click over to YouTube to see parts 2 and 3. XXX