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Saturday, December 6, 2014

melee - thrash attack tape

Zombie blog update! 2 years later and I'm finally making a new post. Typical. This upload is a demo tape from a early 2000s band from Boston named MELEE. All out punk rock thrashing on this one. I love it. Nice and raw production. I'd tried to find this online but it was nowhere to be found. Everyone elses links had been deleted. So I ripped my cassette tape that I got from the band and here it is for you. Enjoy! For fans of What Happens Next, Life's Halt, bandana thrash, x625x records, Six Weeks Records and Voetsek.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Odd Man Out - S/T 1988 Steve Caballero

Hey everyone. I recently acquired and long out of print Odd Man Out lp from a friend in Denmark. Now I'm posting it up for you. Odd Man Out was Steve Caballero's (The Faction, Bones Brigade) band after leaving the Faction. They put out this one lp on Beware Records out of SF, played a bunch of shows and broke up. It has a very mid 80's alternative sound to it. Love And Rockets is an obvious influence. I like it a lot! It was ripped from vinyl at 128 kbps. 320 would have been better but I had looked all over for MP3's and couldn't find this stuff ANYWHERE! man out.rar

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello my friends. It's been a super long time since I've posted anything up here. Been busy with life and all that. Now I've moved, got a new house and life is good. I'll be resuming this blog with any and everything I'm into. Since my Rapidshare account closed, all of the links are gone. I haven't seen much interest so unless I hear from anyone, I'll just leave them be.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New (old) hardcore shirts!

I just got a couple new/old straight edge shirts from a company called Negative Reinforcement shirts.

I've always loved Brotherhood and never got a chance to get one of their shirts. By the time I discovered them, they had already broken up. I acquired a copy of their demo, then bought the No Tolerance For Ignorance 7" from SkateEdge records (on RED vinyl!) Then the Words Run Lp on clear green from Crucial Response. Then, of course, the Cd when that was released.

The Turning Point shirt is sweet. I remember seeing pictures of people wearing this design back in the day. I had a couple of the New Age Records TP shirts after their first LP came out. Always one of my fave SXE bands ever. The demo is still my most loved recording of theirs.

Anyway the quality of these shirts is top notch! Heavy duty cotton shirts, thick, not like those cheap thin ones that fall apart inside a month. The silk screens are clean and professionally done. I very highly recommend getting shirts from these guys!

Monday, February 28, 2011

2011.......THE NEW STYLE!

I think I'm gonna have to road trip out to SoCal for this one!!!! =)

Hello all. Another few months go by and I finally make a post to this thing. I think this year I'll try to keep updates a bit more frequent....LOL

Right now, I'm lamenting the lack of a straight edge scene down here in the Phoenix, AZ area. I'm continually shocked that there aren't any bands, labels or zines here. What the hell is that about???? I guess I'll have to DIY....I did see a car once at a Walgreens down the street from my place that had a big straight edge sticker in the back window. I left some of my SXE stickers under the windshield wiper blades with my email on the back but never heard anything from whoever that was. Too bad. I'd really like to be in another hardcore band but we'll see what happens.

Anyway, that's it for now. Anyone that knows anyone down this way, especially if they are older and still straight edge, please pass this along and have them contact me!

True Till Death
Eric =)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

xDOWNSHIFTx and BATTERY (DC) live videos!!!

Hello everyone. It's been a long while since I posted. Sorry about that. I was busy getting divorced and getting my life back on track.

Anyway here I have for you another show from my old band xDOWNSHIFTx. We played this one in Half Moon Bay, CA way back in 1998. Lots of fun! Check it out here...

This next show is from one of my favorite SXE bands.. Battery from DC. This is a ripping set from Buffalo, NY 12/31/1996. Check it out here....

Enjoy and thanks for reading this blog!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Recently I've been uploading a big chunk of the 90's hardcore videos I have to my YouTube account. Some I shot myself, some I got from others. Lots of good stuff here and I'll be adding more as time permits.


EARTH CRISIS live in Kansas City 7/15/1995 SXE Vegan Syracuse hardcore Part 1

MOUTHPIECE live 1/13/1995 Buffalo, NY SXE hardcore Part 1


SACTO HOODS live Danville Grange Hall 1/24/1997 hardcore punk rock PART 1

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? live at Gilman 8/31/2001 hardcore x625x PART 1

live at Lindees 3/15/1998 hardcore, east bay, punk rock PART 1

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Another SXE blast from the past.....1997 to be exact. One of my favorite straight edge bands...ENVY...from Buffalo, NY. This is a great show from Erie, Pa. February 1997. There's 4 parts so be sure to watch them all and leave a comment!

Monday, April 26, 2010

IN MY EYES live video 8/24/1997 Bombshelter Oakland, CA

This is a very rare show that I shot in the summer of 1997. IN MY EYES were on their first "demo" tour on the West Coast and got booked to play a show with my band DOWNSHIFT along with a few others at the Bombshelter club in Oakland near the Coliseum. There had been some kind of an accident and their bassist had to go to the hospital to get his arm taken care of. You can see it bandaged up in the video. They ended up playing at like 12:30am after all the other bands. It's been 13 years and nobody has seen this footage. I don't remember ever making any copies of it. I was the only one shooting and if you weren't there, you didn't see it. The microphone cuts out in various places and the last song in Part 3 is cut by a few seconds. it's an old tape obviously. Pete and the guys were extra cool and gave their all.

This is part one. Click over to YouTube to see parts 2 and 3. XXX

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Missing Persons - Rhyme & Reason 1984

More musical time travel back to the 80's!

Missing Persons - Rhyme and Reason. Their second full length and a major change in sound most notably the drums. Terry got into electronic drums in a big way and had a set custom made just for him. He played them on this record and on the tour. I think he got burned out on them because I've never even heard of him playing them in any way since. They are probably sitting in the back of his drum storage space gathering dust over the last 25 years!! The record didn't do as well as Spring Session M which was a disappointment for the band. That being said, the material was not as good as SSM and there is some obvious filler. Give and Right Now were strong singles (and videos) and should have done better. Chuck Wild (keyboards) left permanently after the completion of the tour.

1. the closer that you get
2. give
3. now is the time
4. surrender your heart
5. clandestine people
6. right now
7. all fall down
8. racing against time
9. waiting for a million years
10. if only for the moment

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Faction - Live SF 1983 and NYC 1985

Another Faction post! Am I a fan or what?

These are two live shows, one from the Tool & Die in San Francisco 1983. I got this directly from Adam Bomb Segal, the original guitarist from the Faction years ago. The second show is from CBGB's in New York City in 1985 (also known as PEGGED FOR LIVE). Both soundboard and with excellent sound considering how old they are.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Red Flag - Naive Dance

Around 1989 there was a new synthpop group named Red Flag that released their first CD, Naive Art. It was great and had so many good songs and sold well. The next year a remix CD (Naive Dance)was released with club versions of songs from Naive Art. It's excellent as well but unfortunately went out of print many years ago. I was fortunate enough to get a copy way back when so now you can enjoy it as well!

01 Broken Heart (U.K. Remix) 5:20
Remix - Jon St. James , Stacey Q
02 Russian Radio (Glastnost Club Mix) 7:29
Remix - Paul Robb
03 If I Ever (1000 Years Mix) 6:41
Remix - Tony Garcia
04 Count To Three (House Mix) 7:33
Remix - Danny Tenaglia
05 Pretty In Pity (Painless Mix) 4:34
Remix - Jon St. James
06 Russian Radio (Razormaid Mix) 6:14
Remix - Joseph Watt
07 If I Ever (Razormaid Mix) 6:52
Remix - Joseph Watt
08 Give Me Your Hand (Razormaid Mix) 6:54
Remix - Art Maharg , Joseph Watt
09 Count To Three (Razormaid Mix) 6:51
Remix - Art Maharg , Joseph Watt
10 Broken Heart (Razormaid Mix) 6:02
Remix - Art Maharg , Joseph Watt

Friday, March 5, 2010

Debris - I've Seen Em On Gilman St.

DEBRIS was a late 90's pop punk band from the East Bay. I thought they were great and this CD was way overlooked. It should have gotten more attention. Unfortunately, I got into them right about the time when they were breaking up for good. I did manage to see them a couple of times. They had many member changes through their short lifespan. Gavin Freitas was the founder/lead singer/guitarist from the beginning to the end. Their biggest show was playing at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Sunnyvale opening for Blink 182. This is a great CD and if you like Blink 182, Green Day, etc. you'll probably like this.