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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Faction - Dark Room EP

The Faction - Dark Room EP 1985
I love The Faction! This music still holds up for me and makes me want to skate. This record has the immortal classic "Let's Go Get Cokes" which I first heard on a great punk radio show called 'Vinyl Rites' on KFJC from Los Altos Hills, CA. The DJ was named Last Will and he played soooo many great bands that turned out to be classics. His show was the first place I heard The Faction, Bad Brains, Black Flag, 7 Seconds, Youth Brigade etc. Anyway here's the download file!

1. dark room
2. let's go get cokes
3. terror in the streets
4. deathless
5. tongue like a battering ram
6. you are here

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