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Thursday, March 3, 2011

New (old) hardcore shirts!

I just got a couple new/old straight edge shirts from a company called Negative Reinforcement shirts.

I've always loved Brotherhood and never got a chance to get one of their shirts. By the time I discovered them, they had already broken up. I acquired a copy of their demo, then bought the No Tolerance For Ignorance 7" from SkateEdge records (on RED vinyl!) Then the Words Run Lp on clear green from Crucial Response. Then, of course, the Cd when that was released.

The Turning Point shirt is sweet. I remember seeing pictures of people wearing this design back in the day. I had a couple of the New Age Records TP shirts after their first LP came out. Always one of my fave SXE bands ever. The demo is still my most loved recording of theirs.

Anyway the quality of these shirts is top notch! Heavy duty cotton shirts, thick, not like those cheap thin ones that fall apart inside a month. The silk screens are clean and professionally done. I very highly recommend getting shirts from these guys!