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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

THE FACTION - No Hidden Messages LP

The Faction is one of my all time favorite bands. Great punk rock from the early 80's. It was Steve Caballeros first band (and best IMO). This record is their first full length LP called "NO HIDDEN MESSAGES". Out of print for many years. The roots of Skate Rock!! This is on heavy rotation (as always) in my MP3 player. Enjoy!

1. Being Watched
2. Lost In Space
3. Skate And Destroy
4. Change Of Pace
5. Running Amok
6. Why Save The Whales?
7. Fast Food Diet
8. Not For Me
9. When I Was A Kid
10.Beyond The Mirror

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Waitresses - Bruiseology

I love The Waitresses। This band was in my top 5 back in high school along with Missing Persons, Berlin, The Go-Go's and Devo। Their second LP, Brusieology was a vastly ignored, underrated gem. Out of print for many years, Polydor Records never even bothered to put it out on CD. Thanks to the internet, I now have the entire set of songs and I couldn't be happier. Almost every song is great. The playing, production and songs are great. Just can't listen to it enough. Here it is for your listening pleasure!

1. a girl's gotta do
2. make the weather
3. everything's wrong if my hair is wrong
4. luxury
5. open city
6. thinking about sex again
7. bruiseology
8. pleasure
9. spin
10. they're all out of liquor, let's find another party